Truth Plus Love

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How should Christians live out their faith before a watching world and what is our role in viral controversies and trending issues? In Truth Plus Love, evangelist Matt Brown outlines how to champion both truth and love as we engage culture in this great adventure of representing God to the world.

Imagine what our world might look like if Christians became known for remarkable love, as well as life-giving truth. 

The stakes are high and the need is great for Christians to represent Jesus to a watching world. And today, we have more influence than ever before--for better and for worse. We are among the first generations to have access to a global megaphone through social media. But it's not enough to speak truth louder to a noisy culture. To counter the reputation Christians have earned, our love must be just as loud. 

Ask evangelist Matt Brown, and he will tell you Christians today are facing a crisis of influence. In our rush to speak truth to today's tensions, cultural issues, and trending controversies, it becomes all too easy to focus on proving our points rather than extending God's grace. Conversely, when we seek only to love yet never proclaim a better way, we short-circuit God's plan.

Truth Plus Love invites you to rediscover the biblical framework for engaging culture as ambassadors of Christ. Through biblical insight, cultural analysis, and practical principles, Matt Brown outlines how to champion truth without compromise, how to love unconditionally, and ultimately, how to step into this great adventure of representing God to the world. It's hard, it's messy, and it's the unfinished project of a lifetime, yet here we find our great adventure: representing God to a watching world.


With the advent of the internet and, particularly, the prevalence of social media, we all have a platform. Our channels are megaphones through which our opinions, beliefs, and entire lives are shouted to the world. As Jesus followers, we have the responsibility and opportunity to steward these platforms in a way that honors and exalts His name. I can't think of a more qualified voice to lead us in this responsibility than Matt Brown. This is a timely read!

Matt Brown has been a great friend in ministry, and I'm so excited about this powerful book that will help you point others to Jesus with your life. Truth and love are the two callings of the Christian. Without both, we won't be very effective in doing what God has called us to do, but with them both, we can change the world.

As followers of Jesus, each one of us has been equipped to carry His love and the truth of the gospel into our world. Matt's book will challenge you to live on assignment for Jesus and provide you with practical tools to put that mission into practice.

In this day and age, whether you like it or not, you have been handed a megaphone, and with that, your words will reach more people than you ever imagined and carry more weight than you ever expected. In this book, Matt Brown brilliantly exposes and reconciles the seemingly difficult dichotomy of using that megaphone to communicate both truth and love in the same breath. The message and candor in this book could not have come at a more pertinent time in our history.

Our world needs more of the kindness and peace that Matt Brown so beautifully shares about in Truth Plus Love. I know you will love this book! There is enough bad news, criticism, and hostility in the world. We need to shine a light on the good all around us. Will you join us in spreading the light? If each of us do our part, we can touch the world.