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Simply Communion cups offer a fresh take for communion at your church. They are church members too, and they understand the sacred importance of practicing communion. They believe communion should be quiet and reverential. It is a time to reflect on the sacrifice made on the cross and to pray. Disturbances and distractions should be minimal.
Simply Communion listened to churches and heard what they do not like about using prefilled communion products. They started with a clean sheet of paper and created a new and better prefilled product for communion. Their cups offer the freshest ingredients from the juice to their unleavened bread baked in-house and gluten free bread. The cup contains the juice, and the bread is in a chamber built into the cup bottom. The cups are robust, and do not easily compress or collapse. They are quiet and easy to open and use. Simply pull the silent-seal covering off the bottom to get your bread, and then pull the silent-seal covering off the top for the juice. No fumbling, noise or wrestling with the seals while preparing for communion. Simply Communion Cups are also designed to be economical and provide minimal waste.
Try these new cups and let them help your church put the focus back on communion, where its meant to be.

Features and Benefits of Simply Communion cup
• Safe and sanitary. Product is hermetically sealed.
• Easy to open and quiet – does not disrupt service.
• Juice and bread are separated in top and bottom of cup, making it easier to open and hold.
• Cup fits into communion trays and backs of pews/seating.
• Opaque cups to protect the product from UV damage.
• Cups are unmarked - No marketing on seals or cups.
• Products made by a ministry.
• Products are efficient to use, and lead to very low waste. 
• Economical communion solutions for your church. Reduce strain on church management. Reduce     volunteers needed for communion. Good financial stewardship.
• Available with Concord grape juice and unleavened or gluten free bread