Fellowship/Blessed Pre-Filled Communion Cups

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These unique new cups present communion in a new way that churches will love. Both communion elements are delivered in one pass, still the congregation may partake together of the communion bread separately from the juice. Offers an unleavened wafer and grape juice in one sanitary, single serving container, specially sealed to stay fresh and clean without requiring refrigeration.

• No waste - leftover cups can be stored for the next service.
• Clean and sanitary!
• No mess - eliminates pre-filling, spills and cleanup.
• Low cost - as low as 20¢ per cup.
• Guaranteed usable for 1 year after date of manufacture (expiration date is printed on each container).
• We order almost weekly from B&H, so freshness is guaranteed.
• Usually, you will receive cups with a future freshness date of at least 10 months.
• More efficient and less time consuming distribution of the communion elements.

• Excellent for saving time in communion preparation and cleanup in large churches.
• Ideal for portable use in ministering to the sick and shut-in.
• Great for outings, camps and similar special occasions
• Perfect for one-time communion events such as conventions, retreats and other large gatherings.

Our Catalog #: BH-4100
UPC: 081407011585
Box Size: 5.6" X 6.3" X 6.3"
Shipping Weight: 100ct = 3.00lbs; 250ct = 4.5lbs; 500ct = 9lbs
Produced by: B&H Church Supplies
First Produced: September 2011
Contents of Cup: 100% Grape Juice and Unleavened Wafer
Amount of juice: 0.6 oz
Size of Wafer: 0.75" diameter